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The Menu.. Eeek!
  29th August, 2018
I really need to start working on the main menu for JNKPlat.

Although the game will integrate the important pieces of the Framework, it'll also need a massively redesigned menu system.
One which allows for the three level sets, and all the levels included within them.

There'll be three play modes.
Original (levels that come included with the game)
My Levels (levels that you create)
and Added Levels (levels you've downloaded)

Each set of levels contains packs of four levels. Pick a pack, and see how far you can get with your three lives.

...But what style will that menu take!? And can I come up with a design that doesn't result in everything being turned into not much more than a giant sprawling grid!!?

Complicated stuff!!

Today I'll try to make a start on coming up with something half decent.


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