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Procrastination 2...
  1st September, 2018
Although I've finally made a decent start on Menu Two, I've come to the conclusion that JNKPlat isn't going to be anywhere near ready, within the next couple of weeks.


I still have the entire menu system to get working, the online level functionality to get working, and I also need to build a fairly decent number of levels for thing, too..


Over the next few weeks, I'll be trying to make some smaller "quicky" games that I can hopefully whittle away whilst still focusing on JNKPlat.
Today, I dug out the Quadoban level generator and got that building a new batch of levels. I need to rewrite the game for the new framework, but it shouldn't be anything that's too taxing.
It's nothing major, but it will at least make things look a little less.. ... quiet, around here!!

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