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Memory Management B - Compression!
  3rd September, 2018
Amazing what a little hand-made data compression can do!!


325463 characters have just been reduced to 119812 characters
That's around about 37% the original size, and only with very simple "Did it in Notepad" data compression!

A very very simple case of replacing 1 with A, 11 with B, 111 with C, 1111 with D, etc, etc up to 26x1's for Z.
The same was done for repeating 0's to lowercase letters.
(Incidentally, best to do this from Z to A, rather than A to Z, for obvious reasons!!)

I did it manually in notepad, then got the game engine to do the reverse, and the entire game's internal data has now been reduced by about 200kb.
The game now runs on the 3DS with all the level data still inside.

Lovely stuff!

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