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Game Imminent
  4th September, 2018
Don't expect much, it's just a retread of Quadoban, with nothing new added into the mix other than the levels!!


I finished the game off, late last night and did all the compiling, but was far too tired to be bothered to do all the posting!
I'll be doing that in about an hour or two, so expect the game to be ready to play in a short while.

The addition of 7 pieces of music for the game has vastly expanded the size of the download to over 9Mb. That's a bit of a worrying issue, and is something I definitely need to be looking into.

I did start looking into a new version of JMTrackr, my music engine, the other day. I think that's probably the best way to go, at this point.
Games are getting bigger, but without actually being much bigger, and unnecessary bloat is never a good thing.

Anyhoo, focus..
Post the game, then get back to Plat...
All these other side projects will have to wait.

... And there's currently a lot of half-planned side projects!!

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