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More More More!!
  14th September, 2018
Lots of "More" planned for today.

More levels for JNKPlat.
More tiles for JNKPlat.
More puzzles for Foldapuz.

Lots and lots of more!


I haven't yet added darts or bats into JNKPlat, so I'll probably do those today, then start working on a variety of levels that make use of them.
I'll probably add a couple more enemy types, so there's one that floats just vertically or horizontally. The bats will continue to be as erratic as ever, but I'd like a couple of simpler enemy types to add to the game.

I should probably also tweak the "Hidden Passage" tile a little, as it's really not noticeable on the 3DS.

The plan, then, is to get those working, then build a whole bunch of levels that make use of them.

In the meantime, I also need to start adding some new puzzles to Foldapuz.
I'm fairly sure I had a whole bunch more games in mind when I started this, but I appear to have gone completely mindnumb.
I think I should probably jot down a few of these things in future. Old age is starting to get in the way of my memory!

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