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Hello Flu!
  18th September, 2018
Spent most of yesterday wrapped up in bed, sniffling and with a sore throat.
Flu season is here, early!


No matter, I had plenty of time to make new levels for JNKPlat, as well as work on Sudoku for Foldapuz.

I actually spent about 3 or 4 hours trying to figure out a good way to generate Sudoku puzzles before going "Didn't I do this before?!?!"..
A quick trip through my archives, and I dug up an old Sudoku generator I wrote around about 2004, written in BlitzBasic, that did exactly what I needed.
A quick rejig, and that's now what's powering the daily Sudoku puzzles.


JNKPlat still needs new tiles, so today I'll probably add the keys and gates into the mix.
That, of course, then requires an inventory onscreen somewhere, and that set me off wondering what else I could add to the inventory.

.. I used to have Bat Repellent as a pickup. Maybe I should add that back in!?

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