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Can't Think Straight
  20th September, 2018
Foggy Flu-Brain!

I spent yesterday morning sifting through old JNKPlat versions to find what tiles might have gone missing over the years.


Tiles like the See-Saw passage blocker, and the walls that pop-up as you run over them.
I spent about an hour trying to wrangle the pop-up block into the code, which is approximately an hour longer than it should've taken.

I stopped, looked at how much time I'd wasted, and inevitably decided that my head's not in a good place, right now.

For practically the rest of the day, I was either messing about with Foldapuz, or resting and watching random Youtube vids.

Trying to rewrite the Foldapuz WordList functions ended up taking much longer than it should've, and the new game is horribly unoptimised.

It's all a bit of a flu-enduced fogginess, right now, if I'm honest.
I think I'll probably end up taking today off, too.

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