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Bad Flu!!
  22nd September, 2018
Oodles of flu symptoms made me completely give up, yesterday.


After all of the sniffles and coughs, my body completely gave up, yesterday.
By 11:30, I was lying on the couch, drifting off to sleep, and decided it's probably best to snuggle up in bed, instead.
And that was that, for the rest of the day.
I didn't wake up again until after about 8pm, and then only had the energy to sit and watch Youtube stuff for a couple of hours.

Eventually I managed to make a new ALChoon, but even that took more effort than usual, and my slightly stuffy ears meant that things didn't quite sound right coming through the earphones!

All in all then, yesterday was a bit of a failure.

I'm not too sure what today will bring. I'm still feeling nasty and bunged up, and haven't yet decided if I'll give up and head back to bed.

Guess we'll find out, later!

Be warned, if you do catch the current dose of Flu going round, that it's a fairly powerful one!

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