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Today's Plan
  23rd September, 2018
Get out of this Flu-Funk, and try my damndest to get some bloomin' coding done.


For the past couple of nights, I've woken up about midnight with a mild burst of energy, resulting in a couple of half-decent ALChoons.
I trying listening to music in bed, but the flu has stuffed up my ears to the point where things seem to have gone a bit "fluffy" in my head.

Bass isn't quite bassey, and high pitched sounds have all but disappeared.

If the past couple of night's choons sound a bit "odd", that's probably the reason.

But I enjoyed the slight amount of content creation that that brought, and along with the daily doodle, I feel I've at least managed to push myself onwards a slight bit.

Today, I'm going to try designing a few JNKPlat levels, and possibly seeing if my odd flu-head can come up with a couple of crazy ideas for future tiles.

I'm hopeful that today will be the last day of this evil flu. It's very much in my throat, right now, and I'm struggling to speak, but my head's nowhere near as stuffy as it has been, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I should be able to code something, today!!

*fingers crossed*

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