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Things Achieved
  24th September, 2018
Yesterday was definitely me getting back to normality.


I added in Teleporters, but haven't yet added a sound effect. The old one was ok, but at over 300kb, the .wav is a little too big for the 3DS. (Those darn memory issues again!)
Today I'll have a try at replacing the sound with something a little less lengthy, but otherwise the teleporters work roughly as they should.

I've not added in "Movable Block vs Teleporter"... Maybe I should?!

Next, I opted to tackle level pack titles, and that went more or less smoothly.
Taking the code from the "Enter Your Name" screen, I got that working with a longer 24-character level pack title, and integrated it into the editor.

Once working, I went to add the "simple" tweak of adding the player's username to the level packs, only to then realise that with my massive amounts of interface tweaking, the player can't actually get to the options screen anymore.
I'm going to have to fix that, today, but when there IS a username, it does at least save it into the level pack.

After that, a little tweaking of Foldapuz. I tried to reduce the filesize a little.
An obvious method was to scale the image down to 1/2 its size, then scale it back up before saving, so the end result is around about 1/4 the filesize.
.. Either the resulting image looked gnatty and horribly scaled, or the nicer scaling resulted in many more shades of grey, thus leading to an actual increase in filesize.

So I gave up on that, and instead reworked the "CheckWord" functionality, getting that working at about 1/10th the speed it originally was, so there's a massive speed increase when the site's doing it's first page of the day.

And then came some AGameAWeek site sifting, as I scanned through another 50 old blog posts fixing things up, and deleting.. and deleting.. and deleting...
I'm now at the start of 2013's blog posts, where everything seemed to be grand.... At the time... I was posting Android APKs and iOS releases, and pretty much all of that has to disappear.

Sad times..

Decades of games are here to be played, but the MOST IMPORTANT ones have withered away and died only 5 years later.

FFS, Apple.

So.. Yeah, that was yesterday, and I'm definitely back!

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