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Onscreen Keyboard
  25th September, 2018
About time I added one of these.

It was always my intention to add one to the "Enter Your Name" screen, but.. Lazy Jay!! I never got 'round to actually adding the thing.

Today, I've done that.
And, boy, was it complicated!


It now works to a fairly decent degree. I might yet add a Joystick-based (B button) backspace button, but otherwise you can navigate around the keyboard using the controller, click buttons with the mouse, tap buttons with a stylus/finger.. It'll then do as expected, and it all seemingly works well enough.

But, boy, did it take some effort to get working!!!

I now need to rejig the numbers a bit, so it fits on the DS's screen a little more.. .. neater.. and allows for future rescaling possibilities, but otherwise it's at least working the way it oughta.

I can now name the level packs, on the 3DS, without any PC intervention! Hurray!

The onscreen keyboard has, of course, been coded as part of the main framework, so is already taking control in the Enter Your Name screen, in all future releases.

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