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Maths Problems
  26th September, 2018
Solve A,B,C was FAR too simple. Added extra rules to make it a bit tougher.
I added an Algebra puzzle to Foldapuz, last night, but once I realised the way to solve it, it unfolded into a ludicrously simple bit of maths.


At first it looks rather complicated, but the solutions can be solved with really easy maths, once you notice the "1s".

If A+B=20, and A+4B=53, then 3B=(53-20) so B=(33/3)=11, and from there everything else should (very very very easily) fall into place.

Today I'm going to have to try to come up with a better way to do the puzzles, not only finding ways to hide the solution, but also ensuring it's actually easy enough to solve when you figure it out.

Not too easy.
Not too hard.

I need the Goldilocks formula!

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