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Server Change
  27th September, 2018
The previous hosts, KloudhostUK have been acquired by HostPresto, and last night saw them moving hundreds of sites from the old servers to the new ones.


For the most-part things seem to have gone without a hitch.
As you can see, everything still seems to be up and running.

I had to do a little emergency tweaking to the various SQL databases, early this morning, but other than that the sites (Here, Socoder.net and Foldapuz.com) all seem to have transferred in a way that hasn't completely broken them.

So, things are back to normality, and I can finally get some rest.
I only had about 2 hours sleep, last night, watching as the server bobbed up and down intermittently.
I should probably try to get some sleep, or I'll be in that half-useless funk all day!

Welcome to the (another!) new server!

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