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Demo Release Cancelled
  29th September, 2018
I'd planned to spend this weekend finishing off a demo/trial/whatever of JNKPlat 2018.
Instead, I'm having to spend the time setting up a whole new bloomin' server.


Yesterday I registered at Linode, and it took me several hours, and an inordinate number of re-attempts, to get a very basic server up and running.

Right now, if you head over to Jayenkai.com, you'll see a half-broken version of Foldapuz.
Although it "looks" like it should, there are various issues with the server which need sorted before I plough ahead and build up the rest of the site.

But it's definitely a good sign that I have the server up and running, and the php's working, and the php image stuff is working, and things appear to be moderately secure.. I think!

I'm now having to battle against memory complications.
mysql says it's "staying resident", but what's actually happening is that every single php request seems to launch a NEW instance of mysql, and closing the oldest if there's too many.

Now, call me old fashioned, but that's not what I'd call "staying resident".. That's launching new instances all the bloody time!!

I need to dig through "healthy server methods" to try and find the best middleground for all of this.

As such, the site is currently staying "here", until I'm certain the server can handle itself properly.
Again, apologies if the site seems to pop up and down unexpectedly, but .. ho hum.. :\
I'd rather have a server that mostly works, than one that might implode!!

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