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Ironing Out the Kinks
  30th September, 2018
There's a number of quirks on the new server, but for the mostpart things seem to be more or less functional.


Hopefully the result at your side is that everything's loading a lot better than it has done for the past couple of days.
I still have a few remaining "How'd'I'do'dat!?" issues, like getting SoCoder to email people, and other "basic" server functionality that I've never previously had to deal with.

But, otherwise, everything seems to be functioning in a decent manner.
This is, indeed, the new server, and I've managed to post everything that I normally do in a morning, without it exploding!

So, I think (*hope) that's a good sign that I've not buggered anything up.

Tweaks, today, and then I can get back to our regularly scheduled service!

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