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Settling Back Into the Groove
  1st October, 2018

Today I really need to figure out what the heck I'm doing, as far as Tutorials go.


I don't want to make things overly complicated, but trying to describe two-button-jump with only minimal onscreen clues, has always been rather difficult.

I'm currently considering using my "four dots to represent the face buttons" method, but that won't really work too well on keyboard layouts.
I may have to intelligently figure out exactly which buttons the player is trying to play with!

Other than that, the "demo" is near enough ready.
Once that's released, I'll need to focus on getting the online level upload functionality to work.
This is, more than likely, going to be one of the hardest elements of making this game, but thankfully we've got a nice shiny new server to fill with this crap, so that should help!!

With any luck, things will continue to run smoothly, and there won't be a horrendous issue that I've as-yet overlooked..

... !!

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