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So Far So Good..
  3rd October, 2018
Seems folk are managing to understand the complexities of JNKPlat enough to trust the two button jump mechanic.


Today I need to make more levels, and should probably make a start on the online level doohickey.
I'm not 100% sure how well I can get that to work, but I'm going to have to get two versions up and running. One for the integrated Desktop edition, which uploads and downloads for you, and a second version for 3DS.. A webpage where you can upload your level file, and have it spit out a similar file, which you can plonk back into your 3DS.

The reason the 3DS version will be "not integrated" is simply because I don't want to turn my Hacked Homebrew 3DS's wifi on, incase it decides to update and break my Homebrew!!
And I wouldn't expect anyone else to have to do that, either.

Hacky time is not always ideal.

So, instead, you'll be dragging the MyLevels.lev file from your memory card, uploading through the browser, then dragging back the OnlineLevels.lev to your memory card.
It's easy enough.
I think..
.. Maybe!!

Gotta code it all, first, though!

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