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More Foldapuz!
  5th October, 2018
Whilst sitting wondering what other games I could add to Foldapuz, I received an email, from regular emailer Michael, suggesting I should add a few instructions to the site's various games.


Well, since the site was already open on the laptop, so I figured I might as well do that.
It took no more than a few minutes, as I opted to dump the instructions straight into the "How To" page, rather than integrating them onto the printed sheet.

In addition, I've been wanting to fix up the URL handling, so that images can be posted easier via BBCode. The URLs previously worked via standard requests.. foldapuz.png?Layout=ABCDEFGH style.
Most BBCode security, however, ignores any image that doesn't specifically end with a .png or .jpg or .gif, and also ignores any image urls that contain ?'s in them.
.. Or at least, mine does!!

Instead, then, I tweaked the .htaccess for the foldapuz.png, and integrated the options directly into the image's url.

Now the URL is rejigged so that the layout is within the filename itself, eg foldapuz_ABCDEFGH.png

It also includes space to select from one of three predetermined layout styles, with more Words, Maths or Logic puzzles included as default, and those options are now part of the main site, too.

If you'd like to see the updates, head on over to Foldapuz.com, and get puzzling!

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