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Even More Foldapuz!
  10th October, 2018
The triangles weren't too hard to get up and running yesterday, so I also took time to make a completely random letter grid.

The letter grid doesn't really have any specific solution due to it being entirely random, but you're supposed to play it like you would a game of Boggle.. Trying to find words with letters that join up.


This is one of those open ended puzzles that are ideal for the pen and paper nature of Foldapuz, in that there's no real solution and you certainly can't score it well if it were a videogame.

Of course, if it WERE a videogame, then any correct words would disappear and the grid would refill itself, and that's got me thinking about Stringy Things..

I think I should probably look into getting the WordList working in my framework, with the intention of making a new set of Stringy games for Desktop and 3DS.

... Yep, my mind's definitely in that place, now! After all of these puzzles, the old word-game cogs are clicking away.

Anyhoo, enough about that.
Today I need to focus on JNKPlat and get a few more levels working. And hopefully more than that!

Also.. What AM I doing for Xmas, this year?
There's not an awful lot of time if I want to do an Advent Collexion.

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