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Flu again?
  13th October, 2018
I felt a little rough yesterday, so mostly spent the day just making more JNKPlat levels, and otherwise playing various games on the Switch.


Nothing wrong with a day off, I thought, as I lazily spent the day not really achieving much of anything important at all.
This morning, I'm more than a little rough, and that throat/nose horribleness appears to be on the warpath.
I guess I probably should've kept drinking the Lemsips and eating the lozenges all week, because whatever I had last week has certainly decided to re-emerge.

Today I'm going to plough ahead, and see what all I can get done.
I still have the online component of JNKPlat to work at, so that should at least give me something to focus on.

Other than that, it's already 11:45, and I've pretty much achieved nothing more than a few nose-blowings.

Flu sucks!!

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