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Another Game
  14th October, 2018
As I struggled through yet another flu-riddled day, I did at least do achieve one good thing.


There's now an extra game in this year's Advent Calendar! Hooray!
I still have a long long way to go, but at least I'm making a start.
Although a lot of the games will be repetitions of past Collexion games, I am at least trying to do things in a slightly different way, to give the games a certain vibe, this time around.
Whether that continues through all the games, I'm not sure, but so far my rule has been to try to come up with a unique way to play each game.

I also tried to figure out the IP Banning for site security, too, but nothing seemed to work out. I guess that, yesterday, my head wasn't prepared to do the extreme thinking that is required when trying to figure out complicated Linux Bash Script issues!
.. I much prefer a Windows Batch.

In addition, I also started to look into ways of sending and receiving those level packs for JNKPlat. Everything I set up at the start of this project seems to be lining up correctly, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get it actually working, but it does require writing a half-decent script, and maybe even building a fully formed site to display the levels online.. ... But functionality comes first, and such nice-extras will be a later addition!

For now, a simple script to receive and transmit levels from within the Desktop version, and also allow users to upload their entire "My Levels.lev" file, and get back a "Online Levels.lev" file for the 3DS edition.

A simple task..

.... Nnnngh!

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