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Level Uploader : 25%
  14th October, 2018

I've finally started to make progress on the upload tool for the editor.
It can currently deal with one single level pack at a time, at which point it scans the checksums to ensure it's valid, and then double checks that the level isn't already in the database.
If all is fine, it adds it to the database!


Next I need to add the upload file functionality, so a complete my_levels.lev file can be uploaded and similarly scanned, then add the export functionality, and finally integrate the game-side of things so that it works as seamlessly as possible in the background of the game.

One slight issue I'm worried about is level repetition. I'm going to have to figure out a way to stop hack-happy users from flooding the database with garbage.
.. but otherwise, all should be golden!!!
.. I hope.

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