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Busy Bee
  15th October, 2018
Trying to catch up with my own flu-fuelled laziness, I managed once again to do a nice big spurt of coding, yesterday.


IP-Spam Banning

Having finally figured out the best way to send IP addresses to the bash script, I now need only figure out how to get the bash script to run sudo commands without requiring a password, because leaving passwords lying around is a big big no-no..
One step at a time. I'm trying not to rush this bit. As important as it is to get it working, it's something that's going to need to be fairly foolproof. I don't want actual visitors getting inadvertently banned from the server!


I made a fairly decent start on the online component yesterday, and am hoping to get the game side of things going today. It shouldn't be too hard to do now that everything's in place.
.. he says..!

Delta Collexion

Another game in the bag. This is going fairly well, considering I only started it a few days ago.
It does need a fairly good menu system, though. I mean, the default list will probably do, but I'd like to do something different if I get the time.

Also, I'm not sure the Advent Mechanic will be work on 3DS.
Technically it would "work", but homebrew systems tend not to have the correct date on them, due to what I once read as a software lock, or something similar.
As a result, I'll probably just do a "The next game unlocks once you've played the last" or something, and simply suggest that players try to play daily.


I did an ALChoon last night, but will be keeping it aside for a while, because it goes well with another ALChoon that I've also set aside.
I'm now wondering if I should do a whole AL-Bum over Advent, with these two being part of a larger collection of tunes....
As if I don't have enough to do over the next month and a bit..
Probably not the best idea.. I might simplify the idea to a "12 ALChoons of Xmas" sort of thing.

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