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A Wasted Day?
  17th October, 2018
Yesterday was a day for pinching ideas. Trying out old games and jotting down a few mechanics as I go.


I opened up the emulator CaPriCe on my little GPD Win, and loaded up every single game in the C folder.

Caprice's GitHub page
Archive.org : TOSEC - Amstrad CPC Games

300 games are listed in the folder, but a lot of those are duplicates. (I seem to have 4 copies of California Games, for some odd reason!)

Over the course of play, I managed to jot down 19 small game concepts which have a slightly different feel to my usual style of games.

These will, hopefully, make up the majority of Delta Collexion, in a desperate attempt to make things ever so slightly different to the last few Collexions.

Meanwhile, I also started reading a book..!
The "All the Stations" couple have written a lovely book about their adventures, and it really is a gorgeous book, full of lovely scenic photos from around Britain, and general tales of their travels.

The book, Railway Adventures, is available from all good bookstores!
Amazon UK link

It's the first real book I've read in a long long.. long time!
I used to be an avid reader until I started doing AGameAWeek, and then time seemed to have run away from me... As you can probably imagine!!
But I took an hour out of my day, yesterday, to start the Railway Adventures book, and got quite far through it, so I guess I'm still a nice fast-paced reader!
I might set aside an hour every day, and spend it reading. Like I said in yesterday's blog, fresh ideas are certainly getting a little stale.

Sitting in the house all day, not going anywhere, not really playing much, and generally getting stuck inside my own little AGameAWeek World has resulted in things becoming a little monotonous.
Perhaps an hour of classic gaming, and an hour of book reading, might help relieve that, somewhat.

*shrugs* I don't know.

We'll soon be able to tell, based on the games that emerge!
Let's hope it goes well!!

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