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  19th October, 2018
One of the Advent Collexion ended up being stripped out again, yesterday.


As much as I enjoyed it, it was completely uncontrollable, and ended up with you dying much more than you oughta.

I don't mind hard games, but difficulty should be down to how hard the actual gameplay is, and not how hard the game is to actually control.
I hope that, for the most part, I've succeeded in achieving that.

Instead, I re-imagined the game as a bit more of a static one. Stripping away the scrolling and making the elements move around themselves. It made for quite a different game, but it definitely feels like another one of my older games, now.
Seems like, as much inspiration as I might be taking from alternative games, I somehow end up right back where I started..

Still, the list of potential ideas is wide and varied, and hopefully I can end up with a few winning ideas along the way.


Work on JNKPlat is a little slow, right now.
I'm hopeful that, once all of the online functionality is working, I can once again focus on making the final few levels, and getting the last bits and pieces into place.
For now, it's all kinda dragging on, as I struggle to get all the code to work between the game and the server.

This is almost as bad as making menus!!

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