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Slow Day
  20th October, 2018
Yesterday was an effort.


I think I might've done a little bit too much coding, this month!
Yesterday I struggled to do anything productive at all, as my mind seemed to give up. My wrists are starting to hurt, too. A definite sign that I've been typing far too much.
Between shifting the site to a new server, coding oodles of little tweaks to stop the bots, getting Foldapuz going, doing JNKPlat and starting the Advent Collexion, I've certainly coded a whole lot of content, this month.

.. Annoyingly, I've hardly posted anything!!

Foldapuz exists, but it's not had a proper AGameAWeek release. It just sort of popped up online.
JNKPlat's still not had a final release.
The Advent Collexion won't appear until Dec 1st.

... Really, things aren't looking all that great, release wise.
I can only apologise for that. It's certainly not that I'm not busying away!
But this is usually the case around October, November, as I beaver away at my Advent Collexion. Hopefully nobody's annoyed by the lack of true AGameAWeek.


Right.. Today, back to the code.
I'm going to try to finish off all the important pieces of JNKPlat today, so I can then focus on just level building.
I'm hopeful that things are almost ready to go, but I'm still having a slight issue with the level upload code. .. My online highscore code is very much specifically coded for just doing exactly that, and it's been trickier than I expected to get it to do what I want, here.
Yet another case of me ploughing ahead, to achieve one goal, without worrying about future cases.
For the mostpart, that tends to work ok with AGameAWeek. But here it's being problematic.
Perhaps I should just rewrite a whole chunk of it from scratch? That usually works better...?

Guess we'll find out, soon enough!

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