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  24th October, 2018
Although I added a new game to Foldapuz yesterday, the sheer randomness of the randomness has meant that the newest game hasn't actually shown up, today.


The new game is "Don't Connect Four". You can take a peek at it, here. The object being to fill the grid with X's and O's, neither of which form a line of 4, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Having given it a play, last night, the game probably isn't as hard as I'd like, and I might yet tweak it slightly to make things even more difficult. But as it is, it's a nice enough little puzzle.
It helps immensely to know that each row or column will always contain 3 of each symbol. This simple fact allows the puzzles to be manageable, as you can use it to help determine what symbol is meant to go where.

It's taken a good few days of "festering" for this idea to come together. Initially, I was just going to make a Tic-Tac-Toe game, but when it's shrunk down to a 3x3 grid, the game became FAR too easy.
After that, I tried to create a 6x6 grid without any line of 3s, but the generator really didn't like that, so inevitably I've ended up at Connect Four.
Like I say, I might further tweak the generator, but for now I'm quite happy with the result..

Next, I need to figure out a way to ensure that new games always crop up on the standard random layout. Maybe have a single side on the page be "and if there's a new game, today, force that to be here".

I might also force Lattice to always appear as the "front page", as people seem to enjoy that game the most.


I also managed to add another game to the Advent Collexion.
The collexion currently has 5 half-complete games, without audio and in most cases the games aren't quite 100% balanced.
This isn't exactly going to schedule!!

Also not going to schedule is JNKPlat, which has pretty much taken a back seat for the past few days, and is something I REALLY need to focus on getting finished. I did, however, build a few more levels, so that's good!

On the site-side of things, I found myself worrying about schools...
My recent addition of "50 page requests per IP per 2 minutes" seems to be working well enough, but I realised that if, say a school teacher wanted to suggest the students look at a page from AGameAWeek, then that flood of page requests would all come from a single IP address (the school's network)
I know that's a really really rare event, which probably won't even happen, but I also know that some Uni Professors out there are attempting to teach the ways of "Game A Week", and that they might very well like to direct students to this site as a result.

.. Like I say, an extremely rare case, but it's not outside of the realms of possibility.
I need to account for that, and I'm not currently sure the server will handle it in a nice way. I should probably change the rules a little to cope better in such situations.

Aaah, the joys of having to manage your own server..!

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