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No New Game?
  25th October, 2018
I didn't code a new game, yesterday!
The first time in a good number of days where I didn't actually start a new game.


Instead, I spent the time doing important tweaks to JNKPlat, as well as the few games that are already in the Advent Collexion.
I'm still not happy with the menu layout in the game, yet, and am wondering if I should maybe number each of the games, so that people understand better that it's initially meant to be an Advent Calendar of games, not just a standard collexion.

I think that, this year, I'll be leaving all the doors open so that folk playing on time-tweaked 3DSs will still be able to play.
Maybe add a little disclaimer that it's supposed to be an Advent Calendar, but not in any way blocking things off.

That's probably the best way to handle this.
After all, nothing blocks you from eating all your Calendar's chocolates on the first day.


I know what game I'd like to add, today, but collision detection will be important, I think. Going to be tricky to get it working "just right".

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