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Giving Myself More To Do..
  29th October, 2018
Yesterday started well enough, with me working on the JNKPlat Level Uploader, but then... somehow.. things ended up on a very different path.


The thought process went like so..

I should really get a chatroom interface back up and running on SoCoder

Maybe I should come up with something new and imaginative for the site than just a plain chatroom.

The old MUDChat had BBCode integrated, so I should at least allow for that.

The forum code includes BBCode...

What if, instead of a chatroom, I Ajaxified the forum enough that people could sit inside a topic and use it as a form of chatroom?

What if I then had a special type of forum topic that displayed more like a chatroom, but was still a regular forum topic?

... etc, etc.

I'm not sure how far I'm going to take this idea, but the first steps have now been implemented, with the site being given a tiny amount of Ajaxification into the forum topics.

It's entirely invisible, right now, but it's actually a fairly substantial step on the road to adding all this new functionality.

Whether it'll happen, I'm not sure, but it's a nice enough start.

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