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  1st November, 2018
Late last night I decided to add a bog-standard Chess puzzle to Foldapuz.


Eight Queens, where you need to arrange eight of the pieces in such a way that they won't capture each other.
It's a fairly traditional puzzle, and it was shockingly easy to get a generator working for it using simple brute force methods.

To help speed up the process a little, I opted to make use of a standard font with Chess icons in it.
If you're ever in need of chess icons, this page has an absolute ton of fonts that you can make use of.

Now that the font and methods are in place, I have another game idea in mind with Chess pieces. I'm not sure how well the game will function, both in generation or in difficulty to solve, but it feels like it might work out ok.
Guess there's only one way to find out!!

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