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  2nd November, 2018
With the 3DS version freaking out about memory issues again, I've decided to reformat a few of the elements in JNKPlat to make it a little bit leaner.


As such, most of yesterday was spent shuffling files around and trying my best to make as much space as I can.
Images are loaded and cleared on the fly, as you navigate between different areas of the menu or game.

This is, of course, something I should've done from the very start of the framework, but I didn't yet trust that my image loader would free up previous space efficiently.
During the course of making JNKPlat2018, however, I've already spent a number of hours getting my image loader to work a little better.
I originally rejigged it so that various background themes would load in a more efficient way, and since that's all working properly now, I figured I might as well make use of it to help free up a little more space for the main menu's graphics.

Thankfully things are now working the way they should, and overall memory usage is all a little better.

Today, it's back to the actual game-code!!

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