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Tips to avoid RSI
  4th November, 2018
1. Stop coding so bloody much!!


Had to take the day off again, yesterday, as my wrists are really starting to play up again.
With the JNKPlat stuff, the Advent calendar, Foldapuz and more, it's all taking its toll on my poor little wrists.

I can typically now get through just a few hours of coding before the little niggling pain starts to show up. I certainly have to slow down a little, I think.

I'll aim first for getting JNKPlat finished. If after that I can't manage to get the advent calendar done by Dec 1st, then I'll instead hold it back a bit and release it on Xmas day as some kind of super Xmas Xompilation, or maybe reduce it down to a 12 Games of Xmas instead..
Not sure what'll happen, at this point, but my wrists are definitely telling me to slow down a bit!

Time to dig out the Deep Heat.

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