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Up... And Down...
  6th November, 2018
The JNKPlat Level Uploader's functioning about 85%, now.


The levels go up to the server, and the server keeps them, and the server lets me moderate them.
No big hastily scrawled giant penises in this game, thank you very much!!

I think everything's now in place, as far as uploading is concerned, although I do need to add in some sort of quick editor for pack titles so that, for example, "Big Floppy Willies" isn't allowed as a level pack name!!

Everything in moderation

As part of the moderating stuff, I've added a "Level Data to Image" function, which seems to function fairly well. I'm slightly tempted to add that into the main site as some kind of level gallery, but I'm worried that that may allow for spoilers which some people might not want.
I'm unsure, right now..

To be fair, even if I DID, there'd be no easy way to pick and choose levels from that, as the game itself relies on other methods of loading them.
Ho hum..

Still, it's nice to know the functionality's there, in case I do decide to make use of it in the future.

Today I need to rejig the "From the site - Download all the levels .lev" function, so that folk playing on 3DS have a quick way to download the complete level file that they can simply copy over to their 3DS without being forced to activate the potentially 3DS-breaking (due to updates) online access.

It shouldn't be too tricky to add, but I'm not sure how quick it's going to be!

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