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The Next Plan
  10th November, 2018
OK, JNKPlat's practically done.


I still need to fix the MacOS compile (as in, get it working at all!) but all should be uploaded later today.
What's next, then?

Well, I don't think the Advent Collexion's happening. I haven't touched it in days, and its only up to 8 games. Given it's already the 10th, that leaves me with just 20 days to create another 18 or so games, as well as decide on a menu style, sort out an unlocking mechanism, and a whole lot more.
.. Also, most of the 8 games already in there are quite quite unfinished..

So, I think that's a bit of a fail.

Truth be told, I wasn't expecting JNKPlat to take up two months. I was hopeful that it'd be finished a LOT earlier, and that I could then refocus on the Advent Collexion.
A shame that that didn't work out.

Instead, I might rewrite it into some kind of 12 Games of Xmas thing, which I can then take my time with and make into something a little more substantial than the tiny little rubbishy games that it currently contains.

As well as that, I've been somewhat neglecting Foldapuz over the past few days, and have started to notice a fair amount of repetition in some of the games. I'll have to have a poke and prod at the random number generator to see if I can make it a little more randomised.

All of which should easily fill up the schedule for the next couple of months.

Extreme apologies for the lack of games, this year.
It really hasn't been a good year for actual game-dev time, and there's been an absolute ton of behind the scenes work, with all the framework and more.
With any luck, everything should now be pieced together well enough that I can simply build a ton of games from here on.

It never works out, though, does it?

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