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November Plans...
  12th November, 2018
And we're already halfway through!!


The initial plan was to do an Advent Collexion, but that's far from within reach, so instead I'll focus on Framework improvements.

Yesterday I reinstalled (for the umpteenth time) Emscripten, and will be once again attempting to get that to work.
I figured I'd start with GLES, this time, since that would improve my chances of additionally getting it to work on Android. .. A bit!
Either way, neither of those are even compiling properly, so it's going to be a long long road ahead.

Meanwhile, over on the Mac, I need to switch up the engine to use MetalAPI, which I keep on meaning to do, but I just can't seem to get started for one reason or another.

After all that, even the base Windows version could do with a tweak. If I'm working in GLES and Metal, then there's no reason I can't additionally spend some time to add DirectX to the framework, too.
.. aside from the sheer insanity of trying to code in all three engines simultaneously..

And then there's Xmas. What to do about Xmas?!

12 Games of Xmas seems appropriate, but I need to come up with a concept that works best.

So much to do.
As per usual!

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