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Frustrating Scrolling
  16th November, 2018
Spent most of today trying to get multitouch pinch-to-zoom and scrolling to work. Bit of a pain in the arse, if I'm honest, although a lot of that is down to me trying to draw a scaled/cropped area of the Foldapuz page in the background.
The doodle itself "seems" to be scaling properly, but the background keeps squishing and glitching, and ...


At one point I contemplated continuing on without having the zoom as a function, but when I tried to play Sudoku on the tiny phone screen, it became infinitely apparent that I definitely need to have a working zoom!!

So, I guess that's tomorrow's plan, again.


I'll probably scrap and rethink a lot of what I coded, today, and we'll see how well it works a second time.

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