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Theme Making
  20th November, 2018
As I plan out my methodology for making 3DS themes, I'm hitting somewhat of a brick wall.


The tool I'm currently using, Usagi, requires interaction. You need to select the background images for the top and bottom, and then you need to click all the buttons for colour selection.

As you click through the MANY colour options, it tends to keep track of colours used, and by the time you're up to the twentieth option, it can more or less tell YOU which colours to use. This is a nice function, but it would be much easier if there were, say, an setting at the start to set up a palette, and have that filter through all the options.

On top of that, there's the preview options. I'm not sure why the preview doesn't automagically update when you save the theme. Instead, you have to click through the various options to do it yourself.

Then there's the theme name and such, which are usually fairly obvious, but still need the GUI to do so.

What would be ideal, for me, would be to have everything in a little script, set up the palette in a little sprite, and have the tool automatically update everything based on what's in the folder, not having to click every little thing one-by-one.
This would allow me to, more or less, have themes magically generated alongside all of the icons and banners and whatnot that my IconGenerator tool already handles.

So, I spent quite a lot of time, yesterday, mulling this over.
I took a good look at the tools available, and I think I might be able to manage this. I will, of course, still need a couple of extra files to handle the additional bits of data that such a thing needs, but having a new 3DS theme for each forthcoming game might be a handy thing.

I will, of course, need to hunt down just the right tool to generate the end theme package, or if I can't find the right tool, do what I always do and code my own.
Hopefully it won't come down to that!

So that's my task for the next few days. Try to figure that out, as well as getting the Foldapuz-In-A-Browser finished.

Incidentally, it's Tuesday, and I should probably be posting a game, today.
I'm not posting a game, today.

I'll try to get back to a regular AGameAWeek schedule for next week.

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