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Lazy Day
  21st November, 2018
Yesterday's task was to wake up early, prepare myself to manage the walk to the local Doctor's GP and back.


I just about coped with the task, although the trip back was rather stumbly. My continuing balance issues making even the short trip to the doctors quite an effort.

Having waited at the doctor's for about an hour, I finally got seen at about 11:00 (with the appointment being 10:10) and then he simply complained that, as per usual, my cholesterol levels are slightly elevated.
This, I told him again, is down to lack of exercise, and is something that I'd rather work on, than pop a pill to fix.

He let me off, with a 6 month checkup, to see if I can actually manage to find an exercise program that works with my nausea issues.

.. I've yet to do so, but I'm determined to find something that works.

After the day-trip, my energy levels were minimal, and I practically gave up trying to do anything for the rest of the day.
Coding was off limits, and instead I took to playing about an hour of You Don't Know Jack 20180 (from Jackbox Party Pack 5) as well as a bit more aimless wandering around Hyrule.
I also attempted to make a new 3DS Theme, but .. well, that didn't go very well!

I know my limits, and when my head's saying "stop doing things!" then that's exactly what I'll do.

A Lazy Day, all in all.

Today I need to fix that stupid "Today's puzzles show up with yesterday's scribbles" issue on the Foldapuz Playalong site, and then add page-selection to the thing. Then it should be more or less ready to go. I think.. Maybe!

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