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  22nd November, 2018
Last night I learned a lesson in spending.


Seems that the Circular Issue I was having with my cheap-ass Android tablet was down to the fact that it's a cheap-ass Android tablet!
I've always been aware of potential issues with such devices, but over the years of testing my many games on these things, I've tended to shy away from precise touch controls. Games that need big swooping gestures on touchscreens are usually more preferable for me.

But with Foldapuz-Unfolded, it's needed some much more delicate precision, and it's only now that I'm noticing the issue.

So, what next?
Do I carry on, ignoring the issue? Or do I buy another Android for testing, that will no doubt end up being left aside after the few minutes of testing that I need.

I'll probably just ignore the issue. I have more than enough test devices, and these problems aren't an issue on all my iOS devices, so I can easily see how they're "supposed" to act.

Of course, if I can find a way to "trick" the cheap-ass Android devices into playing properly with the site, then that would be even better.

If I do find a quick and easy way to do it, then I'll post about my findings here.

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