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December Plans
  22nd November, 2018
Over at Socoder, it's been decided that this year's Advent thing should be a creative one.
Each day over Advent, users will be attempting to post fresh, new content, every day.


Whether that works out for most of the site members, I'm not sure.
As we've all gotten older, and grown up, we no longer have the free time to sit generating content every day.

.. And then there's me. Sat here twiddling my thumbs and using any excuse to generate more and more things until it gives me a brain tumour!!

Over the course of December, I'd like to release at least a couple of games, maybe an Art Generator tool, some ALChoons and more.
Expect a daily post with something new, although quite what it'll be, I've no idea.
I've not planned anything for this!

Spur of the moment, random oddities, over the course of a month!

As well as that, I REALLY need to get the Mac-Metal stuff working, and maybe Android/iOS/HTML targets, too, but those are wishful thinking, really.

There's an awful lot of stuff to do over December.

Hopefully I can manage!

(Oh, and the 12 Games of Xmas still needs doing, too... Hmm..)

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