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Forever Folding
  23rd November, 2018
The majority of the important bits of Foldapuz-Unfolded are now in place, and it's all now nicely playable.


I still need to keep poking the Zoom a little. It's not quite 100%, yet, but it's certainly getting closer to "normal" functionality.

I've added a Foldapuz Banner on the game menu list, which I hope should fit onto most people's screens, (!) and which links back to the main Foldapuz page.
I could also do with tweaking the main page to be a little more functional. It's very text based right now, but I have oodles of elements lying around from making the Unfolded, which can easily be retrofitted back into the main site.

In addition, since the server-chatter is all based on URLs, I can easily see which are the more popular puzzles based on a very simple program scanning through the server logs.
I'll be using these stats to try to figure out which sorts of games people tend to enjoy the most, and coming up with similar kinds of ideas.

I should also try my best to come up with brand new puzzle concepts, but if I'm honest, that's been quite a struggle!
Once I got my initial few puzzles in place, everything since has been a case of randomly dotting ideas together until something formed. .. Although, let's be honest, that's usually the way AGameAWeek goes

Speaking of which.. I should probably make a game.
Slightly tempted to make a word puzzle collection!


You can Play Foldapuz-Unfolded directly in your browser. It tends to work best with touchscreens (either that or I'm rubbishly imprecise with a laptop-touchpad!) and if you're running it on a mobile device in portrait, it should fit wonderfully in the screen.

As always, be sure to let me know if anything's broken on your particular setup.

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