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Where's the Time Gone?
  25th November, 2018
As I struggle to decide on what to do about a Xmas launch, I'm jumping about from unfinished projects, half started ones, and then things like Foldapuz which will never be complete, as it's just another great big pile of games!


Today's plan is to get a game written
Rather than start something brand new, I might instead pluck one of the half-complete ideas that I started for the abandoned Advent Collexion.
There's a couple of nice little ideas that I cramped into a tiny "Made in a couple of hours" form, which could probably breath a little better if turned into fully fledged AGameAWeek project.

So, I'll probably aim to do just that, today.
Or at least, one of those..

I should probably also start the 12 Games of Xmas, and indeed those half-baked Advent games would likely fill that up quite well.

But this year's total is somewhat depressing.
With the time spent building and forever tweaking the framework, as well as the fact that I actually took the better part of three months working on JNKPlat, the end result is nowhere near the expected AGameAWeek numbers.

I'll do what I can over the next few weeks!

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