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OK, Now What?
  26th November, 2018
I've spent most of the past week building up a collection of little bits and pieces.


I'd been building up bundles of sprites and assets for 3DS Themes.
I've yet to actually start creating the 3DS themes, though, since that still hasn't become a nice simple "flow". I think I definitely need to build a tool for that.

I have, however, created a simple tool for extracting sprites from spritesheets, converting them into single 64x64 pixel .png images, ready for use as 3DS Badges. The results can already be seen here.

On top of that, I've started to try to get my PaperArcade generator up and running again, and am approximately halfway through getting it functional, but with a really odd image-offset issue making things ever so slightly more complicated.

In addition, I recently started work on AL's 4th AL Bum of the year, titled "Hello". The AL Bum is being hastily worked on, so that I can post one track a day over Advent.
I started last Monday, and am already up to K!

As for Foldapuz, another oddity popped up last night, with the script taking forever to generate one of the new sheets. I think that might be down to my new Alternating Maze methodology, as it was working fine a couple of days ago.


So much going on, and very little time to rest!

And I still haven't started the 12 Games of Xmas... eeek!

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