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Midnight Blogging
  28th November, 2018
An Early/Late blog, tonight.


I normally write the blog early in the morning. Wake up chores, then do a Platdude Pixelart, write a silly 4-line poem, write the blog.
Tomorrow, my internet will be switched off as they do some fairly significant work in our area.
All signs suggest that things should be working again by about 5pm at the latest, but I'm fairly sure something will break..

... Something always does!
As a result, I've opted to do tomorrow morning's duties tonight.

For fans of Foldapuz, you'll find a lot of changes to the iconography of the site, today/yesterday! I took a good couple of hours to sit and draw out a whole bunch of new icons.
I'm not sure they're any better, if I'm honest, but at least they're all slightly more brighter on the screen, and that actually seems to help quite a bit.

If I can come up with a better graphical style, I'll give that a whirl, but for now I'm fairly happy with how it's turned out.
For the full list of icons, click on the Mobile edition, then click on the game list at the top right.

Be sure to let me know how good/bad it looks/reads on your device of choice.

Incidentally, this icon took 2 goes to get right.

Originally, I drew a newer iPhone10 style icon, with the screen taking up the majority of the icon, and it even had a little notch at the top.
But then I looked at it as an icon, and..
It didn't look like a mobile!! It looked like a rectangle with more icons inside it.
I added extra bevel and a button at the bottom, and then it looked more like a phone.

Anyway, I'll probably do a lot of random stuff, today, whilst the internet's down.
I should really look into coding a proper game, and start to make some kind of list for things I'd like to do for Socoder's Advent of Creativity.

Only a couple of days to go until all the craziness of Xmas kicks off.

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