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  30th November, 2018
OK, here's one thing I've learned, today.

For .. Whatever.. reason, emscripten seems to work infinitely better if you #include ".cpp" instead of #include ".h" like you'd normally do.

I'm fairly sure this is "wrong", but screw it, I don't care!!

Look what I can play, right now, in my browser!!!




1. There's no audio, at all. That definitely needs looked into.
2. I could do with a better "surround" than the default emscripten one. I'll have to look into ways of recreating the previous one.
3. Online scores don't work, but do appear to be being attempted. That'll need tweaked. Hopefully once the game's on my server, it *should* allow for that? Maybe..
4. It does kinda work on iOS, in that it does at least load up, but it won't then let you do anything because of that rubbish default emscripten framework.
I'll need to add browser-locks and such things to make it work properly.

Yes, it's been a GOOD day, today!!

Tools Used
1. Programmers Notepad on Windows for coding.
2. VirtualBox with Ubuntu64, with Emscripten installed.
3. Lots of back'n'forth between Win and Ubuntu to do oodles of copy+paste+tweaking to the framework.

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