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Advent Treats
  1st December, 2018
Apologies that there's no "Collexion", this year.
With the sheer size of JNKPlat, which scaled the entirety of the past few months, I ended up abandoning this year's Advent Calendar entirely.


Instead, over at SoCoder, we're having a Creativity challenge.

Post something new, each and every day, showing off your general creativity.
Each day I'll try to come up with something different, but I'm not really sure what that might be. To be honest, I haven't planned anything other than the daily ALChoons.

Over the next few weeks, you'll probably notice a drop in "other stuff", as I frantically focus on coming up with crazy oddities for the Calendar.

The first of the daily treats is now up on Socoder. An ALChoon and a 3DS Theme.
I'm currently unsure whether the 3DS theme counts, as not many forum members have a hacked 3DS to see the result of that, so I might end up creating something else, today, instead.

But otherwise, that's going to be the general theme for the month ahead.
Random oddities like that!

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