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New Project!
  3rd December, 2018

Got enough things to keep up with, there, Jay?


How about another lengthy never-ending project?!


Yesterday as part of the Advent of Creativity I decided to make a small snowflake generator tool.
But the tool ended up, as most .exe projects tend to, over 1.5Mb in size, and the download when zipped was over 800kb.

I make a lot of these little sprite generator tools, but they always end up so bloomin' big.
Surely there has to be a better way?

And as I sat thinking about it, I decided that making some kind of Javascript based tool might be handy.
So I set about writing a Javascript-canvas page, and added in a number of BlitzLike commands for drawing.
From there, I extended the tool to allow lots of different javascript generators to be added in the future, and then set about scanning my folders for suitable bits of arty-generator code that could be haphazardly integrated into the engine.

By the end of the day, I had this page up and running.
It defaults to Snowflakes, but there's a little drop-down box on the top right to select the other generators.

The tool works well on iOS albeit with the "Save Image" not opening in a new tab.
I could also do with making the whole GUI look a little less.. .. um.. shit!

Over time, I'd like to expand this to all manner of different generator types, sprite types, art styles and more.
If you've any particular generators you'd like to see, let me know.

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