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More Generating
  4th December, 2018
Yesterday I continued to work on the new Javascript Generator tool that I've started.
Making things a little neater, moving text links to button-based links, tweaking all manner of internal bits and pieces.


The site now does that handy URL thing, whereby it can return you to the same generator when you want to do so, or basically so I can say "Hey, I made a new generator.. LINK!" in the future.

For example, yesterday I added two new generators into the mix.
A Tartan-style one which generates tartan style patterns, and a Polkadot-style one which generates polkadot style patterns.
Oooh, fancy!

As well as that, I also created a new theme for hacked 3DSs, this time based on Micro-Clampett.

Quite a productive day, yesterday, although it doesn't look nearly as productive as the previous day! But all those little nips and tucks soon add up.

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