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  5th December, 2018
Yesterday was a bit of a rest day, as I gradually wore myself down with all the coding I've been doing recently.


With Framework tweaks and the crazy new websites that I need to keep under control, there's been oodles of things to do.

I've barely started the 12 games of Xmas, and we're already 5 days into the month. The plans, they're not coming together!!

I feel like this year's been a bit of a let-down.
I've accomplished SO much, building the all-new framework, getting Foldapuz up and running, doing the JNKPlat Level Editor stuff, and more.
There's still so much left to do.

Getting the framework working in HTML5, on iOS and Android, and fixing the Mac version because.. Apple !

My focus for the next few weeks should probably be on the framework. Finishing all the loose ends, and getting it ready for a (hopefully) more productive 2019.
But there are so many loose ends!!

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