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  6th December, 2018

I spent a couple of hours yesterday working up a new Platform Generator for the Sprite-Gen doohickey.


The result is fairly functional, although people have already complained that there are better techniques for laying the tiles out, so I might have another tweak later.

As it is, the tiles are as follows..

.. which, for me, is more than enough to do the majority of level layouts.
Of course, advanced layouts would also include gradiented slopes and things like that, but I'll leave that up to the game creator to deal with.
The sprites generated in this tool should probably not be used as the "final" art, and should instead be intended as a starting point for inspiration.

The patterns on the above platform image are all generated using Sin and Cos, based on the position of the x and y, wrapped in a small loop, multiplied up to 360 degrees and then repeating neatly.

The functionality worked well enough that I made it part of the main engine, instead of just the Platform generator, so if you happen to spot these texture styles in future generators... That'll be why!

I'd like to add a whole bunch of more interesting looping textures, so will likely be experimenting with crazy maths over the next couple of weeks.
If I happen to find anything amazing, along the way, I'll be sure to let you know what it was

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